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Reports various attributes about the application, such as:

  • Version
  • Location the application is running from 1
  • Location of the configuration settings.xml file 1
  • Whether the current user has subscribed for dedicated Google API quota
  • The timezone metadata version

1 These fields can be double-clicked to open the folder in Windows Explorer.

Check for Update: Although an automatic check for newer releases will be made during startup of the application, a manual check can also be performed here.

Check for Alpha Releases: If you want to be on the latest and greatest features as well as up to date on all the bug fixes. Note, new bugs are more likely to appear in these releases too, but the more people running the alpha release, the quicker problems will get spotted :blush:

:memo: If you think you have encountered a bug, make sure you are on the latest alpha release before reporting it.



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