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When Google removed their calendar synchronisation tool, I went in search of a replacement. As expected, there were a slew of paid solutions as well as freemium efforts with varying restrictions.

After much searching, I happened across the early stages of an open source project which had been abandoned but gave a good start to build and improve on.


  • Keep the software open source and free
  • No restrictions in functionality
  • Do one thing and one thing well - synchronise calendars!
  • Maintain compatibility with all versions of Outlook from 2003


Thousands of spare-time hours have now gone in to this project, and I’d like to think it’s come a long way.

Beta releases should now be pretty stable, but if you find a bug you can help squash it! :beetle:

See the history of enhancements and bug fixes thus far.

If you would like to support this tool and its further development, your donations are very welcome…

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